Turkeys and Hanauma Bay

This is what we are doing in Honolulu…at the end of November

Turkeys and Hanauma Bay.


Try to remember the kind of September ~ Tom Jones

In case you were wondering how we are and what we are up to…

Cody's Crazy Hawaiian Life

We turned around and September was over.  How do you keep track of the days when they fly by?

Things we have explored, done or experienced in September… cupcakes are always a great way to start the month, any month.

On Labor Day we are off school- all 4 of us— we head to the Northshore to the beach maybe in La’ie, the Maleakahana State Recreation Area.   A beautiful beach, full of waves, white sand and surf boards.  On the way home, we stop at a fish taco place North Shore Tacos for lunch, nice salsa, yummy fish tacos, and a dreamy pineapple drink in Hauula!


Wednesday after school, I pick up the kids and we drive by the Shave Ice place by Frog Lane.  And as luck would have it, there is a parking spot just a few doors down.  We have to stop, we HAVE to; and…

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Our last post here…

We will leave this blog behind as we go off on our new Hawaiian adventure, as we discover what this ola lolo (crazy life) has in store for us; hope you continue to follow our adventures here.

Awkhun Tran (Thank you)

Jum Reap Leia (respectful  Good bye)



new honolulu blog

OK so we are close to deciding on the name for the new blog…

We want some help, ready!

Leave a comment to help us decide

Happy in Honolulu (or Hawaii)


hawaiian punch


OhanaNoOneGetsLeftBehindorForgotten (i think that one is taken)

or a different idea that we haven’t thought of…

thanks… We hope to have the documenting of our next adventure on the way by the weekend!

sunset overHonolulu Ala Moana Beach Afternoon swim

Mahalo (Thank you)

Kelli and Rob!

Honolulu, Baby! The adventures continue…

Ok so July 10 we left for Honolulu from JFK.

Been here for almost 2 months… now we need help- What to call the new Hawaii blog where we will document our time on the islands?


Any suggestions? please help and quick!  we need to get started so we can tell all the things we have done so far.

Cheers and thanks for following us in Cambodia, the adventures continue….


After NY we fly down to Florida to catch up with the other half of the family there.

We have 2 days in Tampa area before Jeff and the boys arrive and then we will all drive across the peninsula to Hobe Sound.  We arrive in the afternoon, get settled and the kids are in the pool with cousins as soon as we can find the swimsuits.

One of the days,  we are off for a side trip to Universal Studios, why you ask??? Harry Potter world and WANDS, the rumor is the wands pick the kids and our two want to see what they will get. Jackie and the kids decide to join us after much debate on their part, and we leave before sunrise to get past the traffic before rush hour.  Really Jackie is coming for Friendlies, after the park.  Into the park and first stop is Harry Potter world!, rides and butter beer, and wands!, very cool part of the park.  Now that we have been to Hogsmeade for the butter beer, played quidditch, and toured  Hogswart; we can go experience the rest of the park.  After a full day we do indeed eat dinner and more importantly ice cream! at Friendlies.

Again in Tampa, Rob and I take advantage of the support system (just like we did in NY) and run errands, pick up things that we need or could not get in Cambodia.

Friday night is Johnny’s birthday at the indoor soccer place not far from home.  All the kids (the big ones too) had fun playing soccer and dodgeball for a few hours and then we ate treats and ice cream before going home to sleep.

Leaving for Hobe Sound where we will spend Fourth of July on the beach.  All the kids are sleeping in the guest house (garage) and the grown ups each get their own space… we each will cook for a night and play in the water and read and karaoke and run errands (ok that is Rob and I more than anyone else).  Together we discover Nick’s Tomato Pie a fun family style Italian restaurant where the waitress remembers all 16 orders amongst the questions and changes.   We also try  Harry’s Crab Shack in the rain close to the beach house one night, but the best dinners were the ones we cooked at home.  Fireworks on the beach for the fourth and then the week is over.

We return to Tampa for a day before back to NY and then off to Hawaii!



New York!

Arriving in New York mid-day and after picking up all of our massive bags from the baggage claim, immigration, and customs… we are on our way to Grandma and Poppees!

First thing to do in NY is of course Pizza! and adjusting to the time change and being in a place where we understand all the information coming at us….

Let’s see while we are here there are a few things we need to get in order, We have to decide what car we want to buy once we get to Hawaii because we do not want to rent for more than a few days- prices are a bit steep and we would rather pay car payments than rent.  We also need to get a few necessities (now that we have the support of grandma and poppie so the kids don’t have to be dragged all over with us- though they like to go to a few of the stores too) that we were not able to get in Cambodia- always top on the list when we are back in the developed world.

The first Saturday, we have Matthew’s Christening at the church and then dinner with the families.

Father’s day we have a BBQ at Steven’s, they are not coming down to FLorida, so we take a little time to go see them.  It is a nice relaxed afternoon chatting and catching up on the deck while the kids are playing.

While in NY the one thing we want to do is get into the city and see a play or musical.  We decide on Potted Potter- a spoof on the famous series of books and movies performed by 2, yes 2 actors.  They have the audience play a game of quidditch and ask for audience interaction.

Audrey and Natalie both celebrate their birthdays at the pool at grandma and poppie’s.  Cakes and kids in the pool a fun afternoon.

We also spend lots of family time, getting reacquainted with the cousins at grandma and poppies house.  Natalie is a riot, Andrew is quiet but likes to be in it, Audrey is growing so quickly and Matthew is getting a personality! How time passes so quickly.

Then we are off again….